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A lifejacket can quite literally be your life saver if you find yourself in troubled water. Don’t think of them as an optional feature which you can do without, they’re more the seatbelts of the sea, and are very much part of our uniform here at Milford Marina every day.

“Wear your lifejacket to work day” is part of the worldwide Safe Boating Campaign which was created to help promote the importance of lifejacket safety with boaters around the world taking part, by wearing their lifejackets to work.

Lifejackets don’t have to be a burden and uncomfortable, there are plenty of different styles available these days that are practical for all kinds of boating and water sports. To ensure your lifejacket is safe, you should get it serviced at least once a year, and getting it done couldn’t be easier! Quadra Marine Services based at Milford Marina is a servicing point for SeaSafe Systems, and LGS Marine and Simon Safety, both based in Neyland, offer professional lifejacket servicing too. An annual check will put your mind at ease with all of these Government-approved suppliers providing a thorough examination to ensure your lifejackets are fully functional.

No matter where you may be safely working today, why not help spread the awareness of safe (and fun) boating by taking a photo of you wearing your lifejacket in work, or even around the house! Share your pictures with us and the Safe Boating Campaign by tagging Milford Marina and @SafeBoatCampaign on social media along with the hashtags #lifejacket2work #safeboating

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