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In this blog we speak to Docks & Marina Supervisor, Kevin John. Kevin has been an essential part of the marina’s journey and success for many years, and we’re sad to share that Kevin will be leaving the Marina Team at the end of February and moving to the Port of Milford Haven’s Marine Team.

Although many of you will know Kevin, we thought it would only be right to reflect with Kevin over his time at the Docks and Marina…

Let’s start from the beginning, when did you start working at the Docks and what was your role?

I first started working at the Docks back in 1997, working part-time as security, I then became made full-time before I joined the Milford Fish Docks team a few years later.

During my time at the Docks the fishing industry was booming, it was great to be surrounded by the bustle of the fish markets, especially when Milford Haven has such a fascinating history in the fishing industry.

When did you start working at Milford Marina and what interested you in working here?

Milford Marina and Milford Fish Docks eventually merged together, and I began my employment at the Marina in 2007, starting as a Marina Operative.

I’ve always had an interest in the Milford Haven Waterway, so being able to work with all the different types of vessels that arrived into both the Marina and Docks was a fantastic experience!

When did you start the role as Docks & Marina Supervisor and how did your job evolve?

I started my role as Docks & Marina Supervisor 9 years ago, and throughout my time in the role I assisted with the management and procedures to ensure a smooth running of operations at Milford Marina and Milford Fish Docks.

The role was also developed whilst I was in post, so I had more of a focus on health and safety procedures which included writing new procedures, local work instructions, risk assessments and more.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Milford Marina?

I love how no two days are the same, one day I could be based at Pier Head as lockmaster and the next day I’ll be operating the boat hoist. From dock work to marina work as well as doing the paperwork side of things, I thoroughly enjoy how varied the job is!

After working so many years at Milford Marina, what would you say is your most memorable day in work?

Now that is a tough question, there have been many fantastic days working at Milford Marina over the years, but I would say the most memorable days have been when I’ve had the chance to meet celebrities, we’ve had Gavin Henson, Timothy Spall, Claire King and Jordan Wylie visit the Marina to name a few…

What will you miss the most about working at Milford Marina?

Although I’m not going far, I will really miss my colleagues.

After nearly 26 years of working in the same environment with many of the same faces still around, they’re not just colleagues anymore but lifelong friends, we’re a family at the marina.

Can you tell us more about your new role within the Port of Milford Haven?

I will be working at Milford Haven VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) in the Marine Team as a Marine Operator.

The role will help provide 24/7 vessel traffic services to all Reporting Vessels navigating the Haven (it’s essentially air traffic control for vessels!), so you may hear a familiar voice on Channel 12 and Channel 14.

What’s your final piece of advice you’d like to give to our berth holders?

I would recommend getting a spare auxiliary outboard when possible, I think of it as a lifejacket for the boat, it’s reassuring to know it’s there in case you find yourself in any trouble on the water.

And finally, anything you’d like to say to the Milford Marina Team?

I would like to say thank you to not only the wonderful staff at Milford Marina but to all our berth holders as well, I feel so blessed and proud to have been part of such a fantastic team and throughout my time at Milford Marina I have gotten to know some fantastic berth holders over the years too.

I’m so grateful for the many lasting friendships I have made, without your friendship, support and collaboration, my time at Milford Marina would not have been the same.

I’ll miss working directly with you all, but I’m glad I won’t be far away!

We want to say thank you to Kevin for being such an indispensable member of the Marina Team over many years, we wish for nothing but success in your new position – we will miss you!

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