Diving Pembrokeshire

The Pembrokeshire coastline is as stunning under water as above. There are dives to suit all abilities with over 350 wrecks to explore and an abundance of marine life with regular sightings of porpoise, dolphins and seals. 

The Milford Haven waterway has 16 established dive sites along with 10 wrecks. The main launch sites are at Dale and Gelliswick however it should be noted that there may be access restrictions at Dale due to activity or flood risk. Dale Yacht Club are responsible for slipway use, visit http://www.daleyc.co.uk/ for updates. 

Divers should also be aware that there have been alterations in the navigable channel in the area of the South Hook LNG Terminal. This means that the Landing Craft dive site is now much closer to the boundary of the channel than before. Anyone wishing to dive this site should first contact Port control (VHF Ch 12 or 01646 696137).  

Dive boats are also required to fly the Code Flag ‘A' whilst divers are in the water. As the area is busy with both commercial and recreational traffic it is important that these flags are clearly visible in all conditions. In calm conditions cloth flags will drop which presents a danger to divers and other users. Consideration should be given to the use of solid panel flags (which can be made or bought) to ensure the flag is visible at all times. Alternatively cloth flags can be rigged so that they do not drop in calm conditions. This can be achieved by fixing hard wire to the leading and upper edges of the flag. 

Alternatively, there are a number of companies who offer dive charters: 

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