Meet the team member - Neal Hotchkiss


We’re giving you the chance to find out more about the team at Milford Marina. This month, we talk to Neal Hotchkiss!Meet the team member - Neal Hotchkiss


Neal Hotchkiss


Marina Chargehand

What is the best thing about working at Milford Marina?

I grew up playing with boats from a young age, and I was a crew member on the lifeboat in Appledore in Devon for 10 years before moving to Milford Haven. Working at Milford Marina is a dream job for me! 

Have you got any special skills/talents or hobbies?

On my days off I enjoy coarse fishing, mainly for carp. 

What is your best tip/advice for berth holders? 

Practice makes perfect, and the more you do things, the better you will get. The more you use the locks and practice getting back on your berth, the easier it will become.