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From cormorants to several species of sharks, you may cross paths with a different species of wildlife every time you head out the Milford Marina lock gates.

Situated in a prime location along the Milford Haven Waterway, the marina is only a short sail away from the beautiful islands that our county has to offer including Ramsey, Skomer and Skokholm.

These idyllic islands are particularly a big hit with the magnificent Atlantic grey seal (these are usually quite rare across the UK) and with a large population along the Pembrokeshire Coast, boat owners should take extra precaution especially from August through to September as staying off pupping beaches is vital for mothers to nurse their pups.

If you’re lucky enough to encounter a seal whilst out sailing, by keeping your distance and bringing your trusty pair of binoculars, you can still admire these exquisite creatures whilst minimising any disturbances.

Not only do seals love Pembrokeshire, dolphins and porpoises love it here too! The two main species you’re most likely to come across are the bottlenose dolphin and the harbour porpoise. By slowing down to a steady speed no more than 5 knots, these playful cetaceans may even approach your vessel!

No matter how many dolphins and porpoises that you may see, you can never really get tired of them, especially if you see a school of them breaching out the water – it truly is a magnificent show.

When exploring the area, you may spot a dorsal fin in the distance, it could be a dolphin, a porpoise and if you’re extremely lucky it could even be a shark! Yes, Pembrokeshire is home to a variety of different shark species, from blue sharks to basking sharks. These sightings are quite rare but if you’re fortunate enough to cross paths, lower your speed and sound to reduce any disturbance.

Not only can you find Pembrokeshire’s finest creatures below deck, there’s also a fantastic variety of seabirds that inhabit the local area such as gulls, guillemots, Manx shearwaters, the renowned puffins and many more!

Spring through to July is the breeding season for seabirds and with many species only being able to produce one egg per breeding pair, it’s more crucial than ever to keep your distance and help reduce disturbance around the areas they nest.

You don’t have to travel far from Milford Marina to see any marine wildlife, you don’t even have to leave your berth! The easiest fish to spot in the marina would be the grey mullet, they enjoy munching on organic matter such as sediment and mud – Milford Marina’s own vacuum cleaners!

Another animal you may have seen swimming around the marina is the mute swan, but despite their name, the mute swan can be anything but mute when provoked. These graceful looking birds often like to perch on the marina slipway, or you can catch them gently gliding through the marina’s waters.

There is plenty more marine wildlife and seabirds not mentioned that can be found in Pembrokeshire but that doesn’t make them any less significant. By following the Codes of Conduct from the Pembrokeshire Marine Code (developed by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum), you too can help ensure that Pembrokeshire’s waters remain pristine and undisturbed, for your own continued enjoyment and for the wildlife that call these same waters home. View this short video to find out how you can minimise seabird disturbance >

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