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Milford Marina is situated on the Milford Haven Waterway in Pembrokeshire - the largest estuary in Wales and one of the deepest natural harbours in the world.

Its sheltered, tidal waters are surrounded by a diverse 200 mile coastline providing habitats for an abundance of wildlife.

There are many tributaries waiting to be explored, but those not familiar with the area should always be aware of the tidal state when venturing off the main waterway.

For further information on where to stop-off and what to see along the Milford Haven Waterway and afar:

Jamie Goodridge

We usually spend a lot of time on our boat throughout the summer with the kids and often do activities such as kayaking, swimming, water skiing. Accessing and leaving the marina couldn’t be easier, the marina is in a great spot with plenty of locations on the waterway close by which are perfect for all kinds of water sports. At Milford Marina, there’s a real sense of community, the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Parking at Milford Waterfront

* The areas marked in blue are owned and managed by Milford Waterfront. These areas can accommodate in excess of 300 cars between them. Some may be closed off from time to time for events, but other than that they are free for anyone to use.

** The areas in red are owned and managed by the management companies of the seven residential blocks around Milford Waterfront. The spaces behind and between these blocks are reserved for residents only. A private parking enforcement company will be issuing fines to vehicles not showing residents’ parking permits in the spaces marked in red, so please don’t risk a fine – park in the blue areas on your visit.

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Map not to be used for navigational purposes. Points of interest should only be navigated to with great care and knowledge.

Point of Interest Point of Interest
Launch Site Launch Site
Private Pontoon Private Pontoon
Public Pontoon Public Pontoon
Yacht Club Yacht Club
Boatyard Boatyard
Castle Castle
Commercial Moorings Commercial Moorings
Day Visitor Moorings Day Visitor Moorings
Tourist Information Tourist Information
Toilets Toilets
Toilets (summer only) Toilets (summer only)
Bus Stop Bus Stop
Fuel Fuel
Railway Station Railway Station
Picnic Area Picnic Area
Free Parking Free Visitor Parking
Eat Eat
Shop Shop
Enjoy Enjoy
Services Services
Arts and Crafts Arts & Crafts
Healthy, Beauty and Wellbeing Health, Beauty & Wellbeing
Free Visitor Parking Free Visitor Parking1
Berth Holder Short Stay Parking2
Restricted Parking Restricted Parking3
Restricted Parking4

A haven of heritage

The tide has brought invaders, crusaders, would-be kings, sea merchants, admirals, pirates and global energy leaders, up the Cleddau estuary to the safe haven of Milford. They’ve all played a part in our extraordinary story.

Flexible berthing contracts available now

Milford Marina provides first class facilities and the perfect base from which to discover the Pembrokeshire Coast and beyond. Start your journey today and receive a no obligation quote instantly.