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Meet the team member - Siobhan O'Sullivan

Each month we'll be giving you the chance to find out more about the team at Milford Marina and this month we talk to Siobhan O'Sullivan!


Siobhan O’Sullivan

Job Role

Seasonal Marina Receptionist/Administrator

What is the best thing about working at Milford Marina?

I would have to say the people! From staff, berth holders, to the people working in the cafés and shops. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There hasn’t been a day so far where I haven’t laughed.

Have you got any special skills/talents or hobbies?

I am a champion standard Irish dancer & qualified Irish dance teacher. So if you see me bouncing on the spot that’s me supressing the urge to dance!

What is your best tip/advice for berth holders?

Make the most of your stay here! Even if you’re only here for one night as a visitor, you should take advantage of the fabulous cafés, restaurants & shops situated right on your doorstep!

The people running them are lovely and I think it’s really important to support local businesses as much as possible wherever you go in the world.

Want to learn more about the rest of the team?

We’re giving you the chance to find out more about the team at Milford Marina every month.

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