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We are thrilled to announce Tetiana Kovalenko as the winner of our February Photo of the Month competition with her breathtaking photo titled "Lost in the Sunset", congratulations, Tetiana! 


We had the pleasure of chatting with Tetiana to learn more about the inspiration behind her winning photograph, and her response was nothing short of enchanting. Tetiana describes herself as a creative soul with a profound love for capturing the beauty of nature through her lens. However, the story behind this particular photograph unveils a spontaneous moment of serendipity. 


"It's difficult to answer what inspiration was behind my photo," Tetiana shares. "I'm a creative person, and I love taking photos of nature. I couldn't just sit and teach my online English class when I noticed that extremely beautiful sunset outside my windows. I asked my learners to wait a minute and was lucky to capture that incredible moment of nature magnificence." 


Her words evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the fleeting moments of beauty that grace our lives unexpectedly. Tetiana's description transports us to that very moment when she paused her lesson to embrace the mesmerising spectacle unfolding before her. 


"I was lost and dissolved in the perception of beauty, feeling that even the proudly towering yachts were fascinated by that inimitable sunset," Tetiana reflects with a sense of awe. 


Tetiana, your ability to encapsulate such profound beauty within a single frame is truly beautiful. We are honoured to showcase your talent and vision as our Photo of the Month competition winner. 


Every month, we invite berth holders, visitors, and photographers of all abilities to participate in our Photo of the Month competition, capturing the essence of our waterfront community. Whether it's the serene sunsets, the vibrant wildlife, or the bustling boating scene, we welcome all submissions that celebrate the spirit of our beautiful haven. 


Our March competition is now open for entries, and we eagerly await the next wave of captivating photographs that will grace our gallery. Don't miss your chance to showcase your talent and win exciting prizes! 


To submit your entry or to explore our gallery of past winners, please visit our competition page. We can't wait to see the world through your lens. 


Congratulations once again to Tetiana Kovalenko, our February Photo of the Month winner. Your artistry inspires us all. 


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