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Milford Marina Boatyard provides hard storage for up to 150 boats

As well as the floating berths, we also own and operate Milford Marina Boatyard. So whether you need hard storage to work on a new boat before you lift it into the marina, or you keep your boat on a swinging mooring in the summer months and lift it out for the winter, we have short and long term contracts available, flexible to your needs.

Milford Marina Boatyard is fully secure and situated within a locked and fenced compound that has 24 hour CCTV and security coverage from the Marina Team.

What are the benefits to you?

Storage in our boat yard is just £2.65 per metre, per week. If you're used to working in feet, use our feet to metres conversion calculator below.

Check out our latest berthing and storage promotions

We love to give visitors of Milford Marina fantastic rewards, take a look at our promotions page to see the latest offers!