Castlemartin Range

Castlemartin Range Sea Danger Area
Castlemartin Range Sea Danger Area
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The gunnery ranges at Castlemartin are active for most of the year, starting in January and ending in mid-December.

The danger area extends out to sea from the coast between Little Furznip, (51° 39"2 N 05° 03"5 W) and St. Govans Head (51° 35"8 N, 04° 55"5 W).

The actual danger area on any particular day depends on the type of weapons and ammunitions being fired. The area can extend out to 12 nautical miles off the coast, or as little as 3 nautical miles.

Anyone wishing to enter this area when the Ranges are firing should call Range Control or the Range Safety Craft positioned either side of the Range on their Maritime Radio (Call sign: Castlemartin Range Control) on VHF Ch16 to be given a route that will allow them to pass through without effecting any live firing templates.