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Meet the team member – Helen Picton

We’re giving you the chance to find out more about the team at Milford Marina. This month, we talk to Helen Picton!


Helen Picton


Marina Co-ordinator

What is the best thing about working at Milford Marina?

The views, the people and the lively atmosphere!

Is there anything people should know about Milford Marina that they may not know?

Over the years, Milford Marina has become a popular destination, we are almost always 100% occupied with a long waiting list of eager prospective customers.

Have you got any special skills/talents or hobbies?

I love to write! I am currently in progress of writing a historical novel set in Point Street in the 1850’s which I can now get to see every day!

What is your best tip/advice for berth holders?

Check your carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms frequently and check the lock times before heading out.

If you have a boat, where is your favourite spot?

I have recently purchased a sailing yacht and have only done a couple of practice sails. I’m looking forward to sailing down to Dale and taking a voyage to Lawrenny, I’d eventually love to venture to the Isles of Scilly when I’m experienced enough.

What has been your favourite day in work and why?

My favourite days are when I’ve had a busy day with visitors arriving to Milford Marina, so far I’ve heard sailing stories about the Bahamas, Cuba and challenging voyages visitors have had closer to home.

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